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Vision & Mission

Vision-Mission Statement of the Province 2010

The following vision-mission statement is a response of the Province to the new realities we face at this moment of time.
Our Vision
Having been called by the Lord to be his companions and being formed in the school of the Spiritual Exercises and of the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus, we are sent to the people, especially to the Tribals, Dalits, and other marginalized sections. We are convinced that the source of our life and mission is a personal experience of Christ crucified and Risen, We envision a new humane world of justice, peace , love and mercy where people are in right relationship with God, with one another, and with creation. In the midst of such a reconciling mission, our communities too become signs of the Kingdom of God through our lives of union of minds and hearts.

Our Mission
In a world where the majority of human beings have lost their original human dignity, our oneness with Christ compels us to uphold, protect, and promote respect and honour due every human being as a child of God. Hence our mission is:

1. To impart quality education that will strengthen, empower, and enlighten the minds and the hearts of our people to be agents of social transformation.
2. To plan and implement higher and professional education that will enable the people to face the modern competitive world.
3. To promote and foster collaboration with all people of good will especially as partners with lay and religious at the service of the local church.
4. To accompany youth in their search for meaningfulness in life and develop their leadership potential for their role as good citizens.
5. To strengthen faith formation with special focus on developing a catechesis for the educated Christians, and foster participatory church through the promotion of lay collaboration.
6. To conscientise and promote critical thinking and preserve the cultural identity of the people.
7. To take effective steps to counter deforestation and promote sustainable living.
8. To engage in research and align with people's movements leading to advocacy on issues like displacement, migration and land alienation.
9. To help in providing good health care to people with stress on preventive care and in using available alternative knowledge systems.
10. To make use of social communication in all our ministries promoting Christian human values, highlighting peoples' problems and imparting scientific knowledge.
11. To use available modern technology to enhance our efficiency in our ministries.
12. To instill the spirit of excellence in all Jesuits from the early formation and to sustain it with on-going formation.
13. To take effective measures to strengthen and to deepen our Ignatian spirituality to be effective in our mission as Jesuits.

We invoke God's Blessings to follow Jesus carrying His Cross as Ignatius was invited to at La Storta.